A list of our stand-alone, recurring classes that we offer to the public.

Gourmet Cooking Class

Experience the art of fine food and drink with this fun, hands-on cooking class, designed to introduce participants to multicultural cuisines and high quality food preparations.  Guests will come in, sit down with the Chef as they go over the menu, head into the kitchen for a quick demonstration, and then prepare the designated meal. Our instructors will be on site to guide you through the recipes. Once cooking is complete, guests will head back to their seats and dine on their freshly created meal.  House drinks are included.





Pizza Class

A Neapolitan wood-burning oven, pizza dough, and a whole lot of flour – what can go wrong? Join up to learn more about the preparation of pizza dough, the engineering behind our oven, and the techniques used to create the perfect pie. Pizza classes traditionally follow a three course menu: salad, pizza, and an Italian dessert. House drinks are included.






Five-Course Wine Dinner

A class with a fewer hands-on experience but no shortage of great food and wine. We treat guests to a five course dinner – each dish selectively paired with a specific and significant wine (not store-bought brands). With each course, our chef(s) and sommelier will promptly go through the background, history, and tastes of each pairing. After dessert, guests have the opportunity to order any of the wines they had tasted. Classic Cooking is proud to say that this is a one-of-a-kind class offered in town when it comes to food and wine.





After-School Cooking Class

Kids Cooking

A fun after-school cooking class where kids and teens learn essential cooking techniques and work alongside their peers to gain and develop new culinary skills. Students will build on skills each week, and the ever-changing menus will offer a wide variety of culinary delights. Available to children and teens ages 8 to 17.





Sunday Brunch

Whether you’re sick of waiting in lines at packed restaurants on Sunday mornings, or would just like to learn how to properly cook an egg, our brunch classes are just what your weekend needed!  Learn new skills that you can adapt for your pre-work breakfasts, or to even host your own brunch at home!  Coffee and mimosas included.





Mediterranean Cuisine Class

Mediterranean Cuisine

In this dynamic hands-on cooking class, based upon the food culture of those living along the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll prepare creative, wood-fired dishes that feature the regions most familiar ingredients. Spanning across three continents, this flavorful class takes no favors from any specific country. Dish examples include wood-oven roasted lamb chops, halibut with citrus-olive-caper sauce, homemade fettuccine, mushroom flatbread, and zeppole with berry sauce.


Artisan Bread & Cheese Class

Nothing tastes better than homemade bread right out of the oven, and freshly made cheese.  While this may seem intimidating, Joe Cambria, the Flour Craftsman, will show you how easily these things can be prepared at home.  He will first demonstrate how to make a seasonal bread, and then you will make your own.  As your dough is rising, proofing, and baking, you will learn to make fresh cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta.  At the end of class, enjoy the bread and cheese with a glass of wine.

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These are just some of our most popular classes that we offer regularly.  We also offer all types of fun cooking classes, wine dinners and wine tastings, culinary workshops, and more! Visit our calendar for a list of all offered classes!