Classic Cooking’s recreational classes are perfect for all skill levels, from the junk-food eating couch potato to the self-declared ‘foodie.’ Recreational classes act as stand-alone events with times ranging from early morning to early night – perfect for guests who would like to experience a taste of what Classic Cooking offers. The classes we offer (but certainly are not limited to) include…

Gourmet Cooking Classes:

Guests preparing breaded chicken.

Experience the art of fine food and drink with this fun, hands-on cooking class, designed to introduce participants to multicultural cuisines and high quality food preparations.  Guests will come in, sit down with the Chef as they go over the menu, head into the kitchen for a quick demonstration, and then prepare the designated meal. Our instructors will be on site to guide you through the recipes. Once cooking is complete, guests will head back to their seats and dine on their freshly created meal.  House drinks are included.

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Pizza Classes:


Pizza Class Photo

Guests prepping their pizzas however they see fit.

A Neapolitan wood-burning oven, pizza dough, and a whole lot of flour – what can go wrong? Join up to learn more about the preparation of pizza dough, the engineering behind our oven, and the techniques used to create the perfect pie. Pizza classes traditionally follow a three course menu: salad, pizza, and an Italian dessert. House drinks are included. (NOTE: We allow dough tossing, but we also highly discourage it).

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Wine Classes:

Wine Class Photo

The spoils of an average wine class.

A class with a fewer hands-on experience but no shortage of great food and wine. We treat guests to a five course dinner – each dish selectively paired with a specific and significant wine (not store-bought brands). With each course, our chef(s) and sommelier will promptly go through the background, history, and tastes of each pairing. After dessert, guests have the opportunity to order any of the wines they had tasted. Classic Cooking is proud to say that this is a one-of-a-kind class offered in town when it comes to food and wine.

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Visit our calendar for a list of all offered classes! Schedule a spot if you see one open!